My clients are already success-driven, yet yearn for more – true optimisation and fulfilment. Those I choose to work with are prepared to transcend their limitations absolutely and completely – to become the best possible version of themselves.

What makes me qualified to challenge some for the most prominent professionals in the world to reach the apex of success and self-satisfaction?

To start: I have the experience of a remarkably diverse array of situations and lifestyles, spanning a unique spectrum of milieu. With a history of everything from a stint in a boy-band and immersion into the celebrity pop culture to spending time behind bars. Using the insights of these experiences, and further informed by the experience of starting, building and overseeing several multi-million pound companies and projects alike, I have subsequently been touted as “the man that can” for my notable prowess as a mentor/business consultant by a business magnate holding some of the largest portfolio of investments in the world’s most prestigious locations.

No nonsense, no bullshit. I may be sweet and debonair, but I will not waste your time sugar-coating — I am the medicine; no teaspoon of sugar. Frankly speaking, it is a waste of my time and breath to trifle. As long as you have the desire, I will provide the antidote. You WILL get an extremely high return on your investment, that is guaranteed!

Mind you, this doesn’t mean I am mean or unpleasant. In fact, I am rumoured to be quite fun! I just haven’t the time nor the patience for inefficiency, self-serving flattery or bald-faced lies. I am the first choice for high net worth individuals and CEOs for good reason – I am their life coaching equivalent. We live, breathe and think the same way. I am well-versed in the language of success and winning, understanding its ups, downs, joys and pains, we all need someone, but not just Anyone, because you’re unlike anyone else.That someone; needs to REALLY understand you and have the remedy you desperately need.

To rise to the next level we must confront our obstacles and face ourselves with a no-nonsense, no bullshit mentality.

Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness; these are the four pillars of every human-being’s lifetime fulfilment. I have unlocked a life that is rich and balanced in all of these areas and have subsequently found contentment — As well as an eagerness to perpetuate my joy, serenity, and accomplishment. I am excited to share what I’ve learned throughout my professional and educational career, having completed a BSc at Trinity College Cambridge and an MSc at University College London. I have also learned a great deal through the life-coaching accreditation programs and courses I have undertaken as well as extensive networking with a great many, including some of the most affluent individuals on the planet.

I was born to hardworking parents in Hackney, East London. I had a good, happy childhood, including nice holidays and trips abroad, but it came at a cost. To afford the holidays, my parents worked day and night tirelessly to maintain a healthy income and I rarely saw them. This was part of what has driven me to focus on all four pillars of a fulfilled lifestyle: health, wealth, love & happiness. To value each pillar equally, and to take the time to be a present father to my children and further to assist and dedicate my services as a volunteer mentor to a charity the helps the likes of troubled youth and ex-offenders who’ve come from some of the toughest backgrounds of London’s most deprived areas.

At age 18, I became part of boy band V5 (Yes… I was in a boy band) and later a mixed band. I supported some of the best UK and international pop acts and toured throughout the U.K. for five years. After the band broke up, I continued in the industry for another year as a solo rap artist under the name ‘SALO’.

In a flash, I went from touring around the country and rubbing shoulders with celebrities and the biggest names in the music industry, to domestic life in a tiny government subsidised flat in a deprived part of London with no real career prospects and a child on the way.

Shortly after the birth of my son, and driven by the desire for a better life for my new family, I applied to the university that once taught Sir Isaac Newton (I figured if it was good enough for him…) and soon received my BSc from Trinity College Cambridge University. I was now an expert in exercise and nutrition and had the means and desire to lead a better life.

I founded my first company: Elite Fitness Training when i was still a broke post-grad with a baby to support. Located in London’s trendy Hoxton, the company catered to professionals who live their lives on screen and are pressured to consistently and continually look and perform at the top of their game. The business grew by providing elite, exclusive, customised services with unmatchable value for our clients. Fortunately, word on London’s streets spread quickly through the film, music, TV, media, fashion and modelling industries. Due to the fast pace and growth of the business I decided to hire more staff and took a gamble and got into the property game, purchasing and developing a new and bigger office in the heart of Luxury London: Knightsbridge.

It was then that I caught the eye of my ultra-high-net-worth client as a real estate developer which lead to new and exiting business ventures; managing clients property portfolios, brokering joint venture investments and partnerships, overseeing large scale real estate development, renovation & construction projects, as well as acquiring and investing in various brick & mortar projects; BECAUSE of my business prowess I soon caught the eye of the man who controls some of the most affluent, high-end residential and commercial investments in the world. As a result I was introduced to various social circles/societies and began rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest entrepreneurs and moguls on the planet, I soon began learning and uncovering the secrets shared amongst only the most exclusive society members.

Amongst leading a busy professional and personal lifestyle I ended up suing a London borough council for a water leak to a property which was privately rented. The council’s negligence cost me valuable time and an incredible amount of money… I won the case hands-down. After the council ignored all correspondence with my team and myself, I later obtained a High Court Writ against the council to seize valuables equal to what they owed me.

“Life is a never-ending course.

It’s what we do with our time whilst studying that defines us.” Sal Ozbay

That’s right — I sent twelve bailiffs to the Town Hall to seize goods from the council. (I’ve included the court docs below ↓ ). Fortunately, shortly after the bailiffs stormed the council building, the money owed was paid quickly and the whole hassle was put to rest. Or so I thought…

If you’d like to read the official court documents click on the links below:

The council then opened a vindictive investigation on me going back ten years. They found a clean record, but they also uncovered something I wasn’t expecting. During my transition from poor college student to a successful business owner, I had dropped the ball and failed to report my recent increase in income, meaning I had received subsidised housing for a period of time when I no longer qualified. It was determined that I owed £28,000 to the government, which I was happy to pay back.

However, due to the increase in my personal finances, it was determined that I must pay an above average fine that equalled a SIX FIGURE SUM to be paid in full. Additionally, I was prosecuted for benefit fraud and Tax offences and sentenced to 18 months in prison. It’s true — The government was coming after me for 20 times the financial error I had made (and wanted to rectify), plus they were sending me to the slammer!

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you shit, make lemonade and leave everyone questioning how you did it.” Sal Ozbay

I was lucky to only serve 8 months inside and it is during this time that I unlocked amazing growth. I started dedicating my time studying criminal law and using my previously gained skills in the business world to consult on a variety of platforms. I started assisting others in court appeals, lowering sentences and moving between bands in the prison system. I also made certain to dedicate time to helping young offenders from less privileged backgrounds, and I currently work pro-bono for various charities one of them being Fine Cell Work, made famous by the fashion designer Stella McCartney.

I have worked extremely hard for what I have (and, in some cases, what I’ve lost) and I am eager to use these experiences to help more people navigate and resolve to their challenges. I am very fortunate to have access to very privileged knowledge and information and have used these success principles to build multiple income streams from a variety of business’s/investment platforms. I continue working with, mentoring and receiving guidance from a major ultra-high net worth individual. I am fortunate to be able to spend quality time with my kids and troubled-youth(ex-offenders) which I provide pro-bono coaching to, and to pass on my knowledge and skills to others who are ready to lead a successful life full of health, wealth, love and happiness.