About You

My coaching and mentorship style is unique and not for everyone because I don’t just work with anyone. I work with winners or people that like to win, like I said before I am the first choice for high net worth individuals and CEOs for good reason – I am their life coaching equivalent. You’re already successful in your own right and yet you still have that certain issue/problem or hurdle (or a number of them) that you still cannot manage to overcome and its holding you back, making you feel like shit! Well you’ve come to the right place, I AM YOUR MAN… I’m a no-nonsense, no bullshit go-getter who expects only the absolute best for myself and my clients. That’s why they call me ‘The Man That Can.’ If you’re looking to really tackle your challenges and put them behind you in record time we should talk.

Those that work with me enjoy a massive return on their investment. I work with success-driven individuals who are facing personal or professional challenges and are ready to tackle those obstacles aggressively. Individuals who don’t need to be mollycoddled, pampered, or sugar-coated. Someone who is ready for no-bullshit and an unbiased perspective.

Everyone needs a coach, a mentor. Someone they trust and rely on to offer a totally impartial and independent viewpoint and professional approach. Someone who can guide them and give them the encouragement and tools they need to reach their maximum potential. Just as a sports coach brings the best out of their players, a life coach brings the best out of their clients.

I only work with those ready to achieve greatness. If you are a ready to tackle your goals, and don’t need to be mollycoddled, indulged or humoured. (Leave that to your friends and family) we need to talk. I am that  extra fuel added to the fire in their belly. The extra oomph to help you reach your utmost potential. That’s why I’m here — To give you an unbiased perspective minus the pampering bullshit.

In business, I only work with the cream of the crop. With coaching, your background isn’t important, as long as you are determined to succeed. As long as you are a success-driven person, I will ensure you become the creme de la creme and everyone who is anyone will want to associate, work with or just be around you.

Your age, gender, or current situation isn’t important as long as you are determined to succeed we can work together. What’s important is how committed you are to the solution. Whether it’s a financial goal, career objectives, romantic relationships, familial relationships, bad habits, stress — Whatever it is that you need to tackle, if you’re someone who really WANTS it and is ready to go after it, I will work with you one-on-one and we WILL find a solution.

What I am not, however, is a counsellor or therapist. If this is the approach you require, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am a coach and my clients are all-star athletes. My clients are ready to amplify their successes, eliminate challenges, and reach even greater heights.

Life goes by in an instant. If you live a full life to its absolute best, you will have no regrets, period! And that’s exactly what I help my clients achieve — A life without regret. A life full of health, wealth, love and happiness-precious family-time, romance, love, financial stability, career fulfilment and satisfaction. Because you deserve nothing less than this, life is too damn short.

Straight talking,No-nonsense No Bullshit approach.

My approach is no-nonsense and no bullshit. I am never unkind, however I am brutally honest. I will use our time together to identify the roots of your challenges, and this will sometimes expose something you’ve never noticed or your loved ones have never told you. I will give you the secret knowledge some of the most exclusive societies keep hidden from the masses. I will give you the tools to overcome challenges and reach success in record speed.

I am blessed to have lived a full life, fulfilled in all four pillars. I consider myself fortunate and unlike my parents who had to sacrifice precious family-time to maintain a healthy income. I am proud to be a father who enjoys priceless time with his kids, and someone who continues to mentor and pass on the valuable lessons learned first-hand through past experiences to troubled youth (ex-offenders) whom have turned to crime due to various social difficulties and tough challenges.

My clients use the strategies and key elements I give them to unlock the best version of themselves and to live their lives in the best possible way. Unlike most life coaches, my amazing network of contacts has exposed me to some of society’s most exclusive member only clubs. By working with me, you will have access to the priceless knowledge only shared amongst the elite society members and is strictly unavailable to members of the public. You will gain the confidence to unlock a life satisfied in all four pillars of fulfilment: health, wealth, love and happiness. And you will discover exactly who you are and the incredible things you are capable of achieving.